Combine records from multiple tables with an identical schema into a single view

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey AirTablers,

My marketing manager would like to have a single view of all her marketing tasks in a single table. The marketing tasks are spread out across multiple bases. I have already converted the tables into sync tables and have brought them all into a single view. Now I would like to have all the records in each table of the new bases aggregated into a single table view so we can have meetings and not hop around. It would be great if we could make changes to this view ad have it sync back to the other tables but that is not crucial. However, having all the records in one view would be great. I used a script to pull the records from each table but would like to aggregate the records before outputting.

The code below demonstrates what I have accomplished so far:

let table1 = base.getTable("The Union");
let query1 = await table1.selectRecordsAsync();

let table2 = base.getTable("Suli Fund");

let query2 = await table2.selectRecordsAsync();

let table3 = base.getTable("Solo Magic");

let query3 = await table3.selectRecordsAsync();

let table4 = base.getTable("Afro Detox");

let query4 = await table4.selectRecordsAsync();

let table5 = base.getTable("Koya");

let query5 = await table5.selectRecordsAsync();

let table6 = base.getTable("TCT");


I would like to aggregate the records in table1 - table6 with all the header information from the schema before making the output call so they are all in the same table view representative of the tables they came from.

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