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4 - Data Explorer

I am working on building a base that tracks the daily open and close times of a facility with a variety of function rooms.  Ideally it tracks the room number, the time the room was opened, the time the room was closed (with an automation tracking hours used-rounded to half hour), and who the client is.   There are a number of other ancillary items that I would like to include eventually, but this is the primary function we are looking for.  I don't really like the default Date field and have been playing around with datetime_format and datetime_parse, but can't seem to get the outputs right.  Also while I am building this, I am not necessarily the end user.  What options do I have for presenting this to my colleagues to enter the data in real time?  Appreciate any advice and feedback as I work through this project.

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Hmm, would setting it up as forms for your colleagues to enter data into it work?  You could have a table called "Open and close times" or something with a form that had three questions when opening the room:
1. Linked field to your "Rooms" table for users to select the room
2. Who is filling out the form
3. Who the client is

You could then create a linked field called "Close times" to the same table and have a form that would have that field as a question, effectively giving the user a list of rooms with open times to select from.  Once they've selected and submitted it, you could see the open and close times via the "Created Times" of the submissions

You could also set up a view that only showed records from this table that had an empty "Close times" field too to make things clearer