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DOMParser in scripts?

Topic Labels: Scripting extentions
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I’m trying to parse XML pulled in from another API in scripts. I’ve tried using but it is insufficient as the parsing is not accurate in some cases.

Is there a way we can use DOMParser() to parse XML?

Thank you!

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Hi @Duong_Nguyen and welcome to the community!

It depends (I think) on whether you are running in a Script Block, a Script Action (calling a script block), or a Custom Block (also known as an “App”). The latter (and only the latter), I believe is able to use the entire contingent of javascript parsing possibilities.

Hi @Bill.French, thanks for replying! I’m thinking about the Scripts app from the right sidebar (after clicking ‘Apps’, and then install an app).

Is it possible to use DOMParser in there?

I believe anything you want to do that can be done in Javascript/React is at your disposal. This would be a “custom block” (app).