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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

This might be completely impossible but I’m trying to get rid of duplicate linked field values. Is there any way I could force it to do this via scripts? The dedupe app doesn’t quite do what I need it do and although this can be acheived via a rollup column, the values are now not linked. I know this isn’t a native feature so I’m trying to find a work around because I can’t generate neat pivot tables at the moment.

Some advice would be much appreciated.

Screenshot 2021-08-19 110326

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi Jay - if you’re looking for a No-Code approach to doing this, our On2Air: Actions product has a Function that can calculate the unique items in any array field (linked records, multi-select, lookups) and store them back to the same field as the unique, or into another field if needed.

Check out details here: Function - Arrays | On2Air Support
and here:

This is pretty straightforward to do with the Scripting app, you just need to specify how exactly are you determining the undesirable duplicates. Do you want all but the oldest removed? Is the field the only identifier that matters?

If you need a ‘deduped’ list of names in your Owner field, add ‘Owner’ as lookup field and create new formula field with ARRAYUNIQUE( {Owner lookup} )
If you need something else, you should explain more, because it’s not clear.