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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I think there could be a small improvement in the JSON that comes back when trying to add an illegal collaborator (for example: someone has not yet accepted an invitation to a base).

This is the response I’m seeing:

{"error":{"type":"INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN","message":"Cannot parse value \"[object Object]\" for field Rep"}}

I suspect the ‘object’ part should be something else. :winking_face:

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

More observations, I’m getting different response types for what is basically the same error:

{"error":{"type":"UNKNOWN_COLUMN_NAME","message":"Could not find fields Rep"}}

{"error":{"type":"UNKNOWN_FIELD_NAME","message":"Could not find a field named Payment_Type"}}

The first one is probably a POST and the second a GET request.

Sorry for the confusion! We’ll make the error types more consistent in the next major version of the API, but we can’t change it in this version since it might break existing integrations.

No prob. As I said, it’s just an observation. :slightly_smiling_face: