Feature Request: Colour Coding Columns

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

We've removed forms because me and my other users need to input info on mobile most of the time and if one makes a mistake or needs to adjust data, a form is not user friendly (submit form > realise mistake (or not) > open airtable app > find relevant table > edit). 

However, a spreadsheet isn't *that* user friendly on mobile either. It can be easy to miss an input column. Some columns generate information for the user as they're submitting data, so inputting data is also creating actions for the user at the same time. Therefore, not every column is an input column, and it can be easy to miss one on mobile view.

This could quite easily be resolved with colour coding columns - or some way to highlight input/vital columns. 

It would also make certain complicated tables easier to read and interpret! I use lots of filtered views, but some tables have 15 views for interpreting data - and to be honest, I'd rather have fewer tables, with clear sections so I don't need to flick between different views so much.

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