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Fetching the table schema of an airtable base

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Hi there devs,

we have so many bases we need to keep in sync. Right now we need to do it manually and this is very annoying. I want to build a script that displays the difference between different tables from two given bases.

So does somebody know how to retrieve the table schema of an airtable base?

Airtable is making an xhr call to:

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In this response there will be a json object retrieved with all the infos:

  1. tableSchemas: [{id: “tblCQdEDrzVc5QEQKf”, name: “STANDUP”, primaryColumnId: “fld9TUSAYKjLZgDhVR”,…},…]

  2. 0: {id: “tblCQdErzVc5DQEQKf”, name: “STANDUP”, primaryColumnId: “fld9TUSADYKjLZghVR”,…}

1. columns: [{id: "fld9TUSADYKjLZghVR", name: "To Do", type: "text"},…]

  1. 0: {id: "fld9TUSAYKDjLZghVR", name: "To Do", type: "text"}

    1. id: "fld9TUSADYKjLZghVR"
    2. name: "To Do"
    3. type: "text"

  2. 1: {id: "fldWO0GMdDgktl4O01", name: "Notes", type: "multilineText"}

    1. id: "fldWO0GMdgDktl4O01"
    2. name: "Notes"
    3. type: "multilineText"

  3. 2: {id: "fldTapLVqADNOPsBeS", name: "Attachments", type: "multipleAttachment"}
  4. 3: {id: "fldO4AhDDXSF8ACbO8", name: "Owner", type: "collaborator", typeOptions: {shouldNotify: true}}
  5. 4: {id: "fldeD5TkinFDG8pNzy", name: "Project", type: "select",…}
  6. 5: {id: "fld2OJxtRDYKdg1quQ", name: "Priority", type: "rating",…}
  7. 6: {id: "fldfMsfpmDxhgX2zYb", name: "Status", type: "select",…}
  8. 7: {id: "fldxIbThXD8GWOf3Tp", name: "Deadline", type: "date",…}
  9. 8: {id: "fldQgQ8xoDKnugE3xj", name: "Reporter", type: "collaborator", typeOptions: {shouldNotify: true}}
  10. 9: {id: "fldpfKODxOiYZZvZ1Z", name: "Urgency", type: "checkbox",…}

But i don´t know how to generate this request manually?

Anybody have some idea?

Thanks in advance.

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Check out using the scripting block with this script