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I’m trying to create a filterByFormula that finds a certain value in an array.

Here is an example. I have this array:


Using filterByFormula I want to get the values that have exactly the word Azure. So in this case it should get only the first Azure, not Azure Cloud.

I tried to use FIND OR SEARCH but this 2 return both these values.

Some kind of workaround I found doing the formula like this:

AND(OR(FIND('Azure,', ARRAYJOIN(Skills,','))))

So I’m converting the array into a string and then search for Azure,. Yes, that is a comma :slightly_smiling_face:

This way I’m able to select the Azure value.

But as you can see in the example above I also have Python and [emptyspace] Python (the brown one). If I use the above method I only get the first Python even thought I should get the second one too. This one is weird. I’m not sure why this is happening to be honest.

Is there a function to find a specific value in the array ? Not using SEARCH or FIND?


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