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I have a list of clients that can be in multiple markets (6k markets). The markets column is pulling form another table.
With the FilterByFormula, I need to create a filtered list of all clients in a specific market. The problem is that the API does not include in the results records where multiple markets are listed in the Markets column.

For example, client A is in Paris, client B is in Paris and Madrid. The final list will only show client A. How can I get client B on the list too?

If anybody knows how to fix it that would be help a lot.

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Welcome to the community, @Luc_Palomo! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: While I haven’t used the API yet, one possible workaround comes to mind. Instead of searching the clients based on their linked markets, search the markets for their linked clients. If you search the [Markets] table for all clients linked to the Paris record, it should give you the results you seek.

What does your filterByFormula value look like a runtime?

To use filterByFormula, I recommend building the filter as a formula field in the native Airtable user interface. Then base your filterByFormula on that formula.

In your case, it sounds like your filterByFormula might be testing for equality. Instead, try testing to see if you can FIND the target city in the field.