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6 - Interface Innovator

I have some questions about syncing a Google calendar into Airtable. When I set up the sync, it asks for a date range sync–both a start date and an end date. Does this mean that events after the end date will no longer sync? How far out can I push that end date? Is there a way to sync a calendar in perpetuity?

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From the support article:

The maximum number of events that can be synced for each individual sync is 10,000. However, you could add multiple calendars with each calendar having a 10,000 event limit.

Also, be aware that there are maximum record limits for tables as well.

So that means you can’t have a calendar sync in perpetuity, but then is best practice to put in an end date that’s just way far in the future? If you synced a calendar with an event per day, you could go 27 years out in the future and still not hit the 10k event limit.

Additional question: is it possible to update the configuration to change the end date, or do I just need to set up an new sync?

It doesn’t look like it can be changed without wiping out all of the old records and re-syncing them from scratch again.

However, I’m not sure if Airtable would remember or forget any data that you typed in for extra fields that you added into Airtable on the Google Calendar sync table

Airtable is actually smart enough to remember your extra field data when breaking & re-syncing synced tables. Not sure if the same remembering would happen when breaking & re-syncing Google Calendar.

One of us should test that and see what happens, but I don’t have time right now to test that.