Re: How can I work with 'Interfaces' via API?

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I have an Interface I have created for one of my bases (simple summary page) - but I wonder:

- Is it possible to access this Interface (and its summary data) via the AirTable API? It doesn't seem so, but maybe it is somehow?

- Is it possible to embed this Interface within another site of mine via an iframe or something similar?

thanks for any suggestions!


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The Airtable web API does not have access to interfaces or elements on the interface, such as summary data. The API does have access to record data. If you can recreate the summary data in a rollup field, you could then get the value of the rollup field via the API.

I don't have experience embedding an interface via an iFrame. You could try it and report back. 

Thank you @kuovonne

Unfortunately when I tried to use an iframe to show the Interface I receive the error:

"…” in a frame is denied by “X-Frame-Options“ directive set to “sameorigin“."