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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

hi, i have this php code. i want to filter the fields to be retrieved to only 2 fields as ‘Registration No.1’ and ‘Registration No.2’. However i cannot get it to work. Here is my array:

$params = array(

“filterByFormula” => “AND({Email Address}=‘’)”,
“fields” => [{Registration No.1}, {Registration No.2}],
“view” => “Registration Application”,


Can u heklp me out?

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What error message are you getting?

Does everything work if you comment out the filterByFormula line?

If you put the filter in a formula field in the user interface, does it show true (1) for the two records you expect?

You should not need the AND function in your formula, as you have only one condition.