Re: How to implement dependent drop-down feature using airtable?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Team,

I have created 1 view and 1 form within air table. As soon as i submit the form 1 row gets inserted in the view. Subsequently, The view is attached to Run Script which gives call to external REST API.

Below are the fields displayed on the form. FYI. I have mentioned the fields type as well in the bracket.

Field names: customer(Single Select),source category(Multiple Select) and source url(Long text) ,target category(Multiple Select),target url(Long text) and email(Single Line text) etc.

Requirement: I would like to dynamically pre-filled the source category and target category fields based on the selection of the value of customer field.

Could you please guide and point me to the example/link where i can get idea how this is possible to do in air table?

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Hi @Manoj_Dhake
Airtable forms are quite simplistic but they do have conditional questions and have a feature that lets you ‘prefill’ the fields based on unique URL:
If this does not meet your needs you may want to look into other form solutions, JotForm is popular with Airtable users.

@Vivid-Squid .Thank you for your suggestion.

I have multiselect field type in the form which also need to be auto populated. I tried to fill this field as mentioned in the documenation here But it didn’t work for me.

Do you know how to pre-fill field having multi select field type?

Please find screen shot of my form along with form url. The pre-fill url which i have tried so far.


Screenshot from 2022-06-08 14-34-29

You may want to use @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms app to help you create your form links:

@ScottWorld .
I would like to display the multi select field with some static values. And as per my understanding, The purpose of Prefilling-a-form/Prefilled Forms App is different than my requirement. Instead of selecting the values on the form, I wants to create static list for multi select field type.
I am aware of the way to define static values as option using below option. But the problem is that my static values are different for each customer. So, I wants to maintain single form as well.
Screenshot from 2022-06-08 16-38-15

e.g. The form should look as below after i hit the pre-filled form link. Keep in mind that, the values for Source Category are just displayed as static list but not selected any value.

Screenshot from 2022-06-08 16-30-09

That is not possible with Airtable’s forms. You can only do that with the form from, or the combination of JotForm + On2Air: Forms.

@ScottWorld ow it’s possible to implement dynamic drop down feature with Miniextension? Can you please point me to example?