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How to use the API URL encoder tool

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Airtable give me a tool to encode my url . but …

How to do it ?

How to use the API URL encoder tool :


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Welcome to the community @jean-raoul_jean-bapt!

It looks like the URL you posted is not entirely correct. That seems to direct you to all of Airtable’s CodePen’s, of which you want the big one listed at the top:

That CodePen should provide you fields to add/customize the parameters for listing records in a given base. The encoded URL will appear at the bottom of the screen that you can then use in cURL requests as documented in any of your base’s Standard API documentation.

If this answers your question, please consider marking it as “solution”. If not, I’m happy to work with you further. Thanks!

So how do we actually use the site to create the URL?

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 12.11.02 AM