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4 - Data Explorer

We are using airtable rest apis to manage our employee’s data.
In the airtable support article, it was written that the airtable API has a rate limit of 5 requests per second per base.

Here is the article link: Public REST API – Airtable Support.

So if we upgrade to a pro or enterprise plan then can we get a more request limit on API? Or is there any other way to increase airtable API request limit?


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Hi Suraj, and welcome to the community!

Yes, by eliminating real-time dependencies on it.

Airtable is not intended (or designed) to be your data back-end. Some people use it as such, but it’s hardly the likes of services such as Firebase, so it has strict limits. And even if they allowed 10 requests per second, it’s still running inside the container that represents your Airtable instance. If anything, this limit is to defend you from your own users; it is not some arbitrary penalty threshold designed to protect Airtable services or other Airtable customer instances.

My recommendation - consider caching forward your data using something like SynInc to provide a near limitless and performant architecture for Airtable data access.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey there!

How frequently are you looking to hit the API?

I’ve built a product that could potentially help you out here. It’s called SheetDream ( Among other things, it can essentially act as a buffer in front of Airtable (using a caching DB) to help alleviate rate limit issues.

Get in touch with me, we can see if our service might be a good fit for you. Email: