Launch Integromat clicking a Button (Webhook)

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I need some help!

I created a table and I have a button field that has as an action Run Script (I must use this action).



I have created a scenario in Integromat and all I want to do is that when I click the button on a record the scenario is launched.

I have an Attachment field that contains images in the table, I have a module on Integromat that have to receive the URL of the image.

I know that I have to use Webhook, I have created the scenario and I have the Webhook URL. But I don not know what the script must be!!

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @Dhanash! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: I posted a bare-bones script for this a while back:

You can also call the webhook directly from the button without using a script:

Check the first link that I added to my original reply (click the title of the thread to open it). That contains a script that you can modify to work for your use case.

Welcome to the Airtable community. Because you are new to this community, you may not yet know how this community works.

Please don’t insist. Justin is a valued member of this community who volunteers his time to help people. He is not getting compensated for his advice and has no obligation to troubleshoot your issue for you.

I’m not sure why you tagged me in this thread as I have not been part of this conversation. I also volunteer my time on these forums. Neither of us are support staff for Airtable or Integromat.

What have you done to troubleshoot this issue yourself? Your screen shot shows that the start of your scenario is watching Airtable records, not a webhook, so how sure are you that the error is in the script? Why does this have to be done in a script versus an open url button? Have you tried calling the webhook from a button that opens a url? Have you tried calling the webhook by pasting the url directly in a browser window? How sure are you that the issue is with calling the url versus with the configuration of the Integromat scenario itself? Have you tried calling a webhook that doesn’t take an input parameter? Have you checked if the Integromat scenario might have run but just not reported back as Airtable would like? Have you checked the settings for the Integromat scenario for how it’s immediately report success?

If you have tried these things and still need assistance, there are many consultants who have experience configuring and calling Integromat webhooks who can help you for a fee. Try posting in the “hire a consultant” section of these forums.