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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, Is it possible find the same rid from array to array2 then push the wordspin values inside the array variable but i can’t use .find as it result to error.

let id1 = "recQoA4zwa0xZQVGL";
let id2 = "reckssVy1WsRtWPQs";
let id3 = "recSu7GQqd85dC5go";

let array2 = [
  {rid : id1, wordspin : "test1"},
  {rid : id2, wordspin : "test2"},
  {rid : id3, wordspin : "test3"},
  {rid : id1, wordspin : "test11"},
  {rid : id2, wordspin : "test22"},
  {rid : id3, wordspin : "test33"},
  {rid : id1, wordspin : "test111"},
  {rid : id2, wordspin : "test222"},
  {rid : id3, wordspin : "test333"}
let result = array2.forEach(function rid(r) {
    return function (o) {
        var ref = r.find(p => o.rid === p.rid);
        if (!ref) {
            .filter(k => Array.isArray(o[k]))
            .forEach(k => o[k].forEach(rid(ref[k] = ref[k] || [])));

I want my result to look like this

  wordspin : "test1",
  wordspin2 : "test11",
  wordspin3 : "test111"
  wordspin : "test2",
  wordspin2 : "test22",
  wordspin3 : "test222"
  wordspin : "test3",
  wordspin2 : "test33",
  wordspin3 : "test333"
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Yesterday I wrote a script to transpose vertical table to horizontal and stuck into object grouping task, which is similar to yours.
After your post I understood that I went wrong way, and how to solve my puzzle ))
So let’s help with yours.
besides grouping, you have other challenge - add new object properties according to those already existing. If wordspin2 property already exists, wordspin3 should be added and so on…
I belieive it has other easier solutions, maybe with spread+destruct, but I would use map array and transform to object.

const wsAdd=x=>,ix)=>['wordspin'+ix,val])
const wsObj=x=>Object.fromEntries(wsAdd(x))

group objects by Id is a standard task which have a lot of ways to do.
I took this reducer from net and changed a bit, to add just ‘wordspin’ properties and to get an ‘array of arrays’ on exit
const group=(arr,key,val)=>arr.reduce((res,el)=>((res[el[key]]=[...(res[el[key]]||[]),el[val]]),res),[])

now we need to connect these two ‘data processors’

const grouped = group(array2,'rid','wordspin')
const entries=(Object.entries(grouped));
const result=entries.flatMap(key=>({'rid':key[0],...wsObj(key[1])}))

and here we go !
(if you need to correct numbers near ‘wordspin’ (start from 1 etc) - edit wsAdd function)