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Re: Modify AirTable ID

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please, I need help.

  1. The id created by airtable for each of my entries does not suit me and I would like to replace it with the entry of my column ID! How to do?
  2. How to make a single entry? when one of my clients chooses an ID I do not want another one to choose the same one!
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Welcome to the community, @STEPHANE_BARBAGELATA! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: I’m not sure what you’re asking.

  1. What do you mean by “the id created by airtable” and “the entry of my column ID”?
  2. When asking about making “a single entry,” are you talking about a single new record?

Could you please provide a more detailed example of how your base is set up, and the specific issues you’re having? I understand that you’re new to the platform, but it would help us to understand your specific issue(s) if you use terms as defined by the Airtable developers. Tabs in an Airtable base are tables, columns in a table are called fields, rows are records, etc. It may help to review this page (and subsequent pages linked from it) for more about the terms used by Airtable:

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Justin and thank you answering
sorry not to be very clear.
I’ve created a simple base with a single table.
Just 4 fields.
First field is product ID.
I want my field ID to replace the default record id made I suppose by JSON…

I hope I’ve been clearer



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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve made a picture to be clearer but can’t put it in a post…

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

“records”: [
“id”: “rec9qvoBLsgJ77rxh”,**
“fields”: {
“Entrez ici vos données de contact”: “0600000”,
ID": 10001,**
“eMail”: “”,
“Comment souhaitez-vous être contactés ?”: “par téléphone”,
“Téléphone principal”: “070000000”,
“Objet”: “mon téléphone”,
“Nom”: “Name”,
“Prénom”: “Stéphane”
I want to replace rec9qvoBLsgJ77rxh by 10001

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4 - Data Explorer

For the 2nd point

I need my ID to stay single when clients are creating a new record
How to make in the ID column double entries impossible ?

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4 - Data Explorer

Sorry about all of this questions … first day with airtable… and not very good English speaker by the way

Thanks for the clarification. I’m going to move this discussion to the API category, as it’s probably more appropriate.

New community users have certain restrictions in place. Once you’ve been active here for a while, the system will gradually start lifting those restrictions.

The “recxxxxxxx…” record ID created by Airtable cannot be changed. That’s a randomly-generated ID that’s used to ensure record uniqueness, even if the visible data in your primary field somehow ends up not being unique between records. You can obviously add and edit your own ID field for your own purposes, but that Airtable-generated ID is permanently assigned to the record.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to turn the ID field into a formula that uses an Autonumber field to calculate the number. Say you added an Autonumber field named {Autonumber}. The formula for the ID field would be:

{Autonumber} + 10000

Because Autonumber fields begin at 1, the ID value in the first record would be 10001, then 10002 for the next record, and so on. No duplicates ever.

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Ok… thank you so much for your answers… so I’m… dead !
Because I have to program RFID chips with an url like myweb site. com/ID … if I do not know the ID… I can’t use Air Table…
However … Thanks a lot !

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4 - Data Explorer

Okay … I may have found a solution. If I create all the records (only the ID field), can the customer fill in the other fields? because I tried and I got two lines with ID 10001 one filled and one that I had created with the only ID …
Thanks again…