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Need help on duplicating field row between tables

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I would like to know how to copy a column “Items” from one table to another table.

Both table have the same naming “Items”

Table Name:

View Name:
DB_Checklist > Closing

Field Name:
DB_Checklist > Items
Daily_Closing_Checklist > Items

I want to copy one of the row of data from DB_Checklist/Closing/Items to Daily_Closing_Checklist/AllEntry.

Can anyone show me how to code this?

let checklist = base.getTable("DB_Checklist");
let checklistView = checklist.getView("Closing");

let dailyClosingChecklist = base.getTable("Daily_Closing_Checklist");



I only know this much, want to learn more on how to make my table more automate.

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What are the types of these two fields? Also, define “copy” - do you want to create new records or append the said row to existing records?

//this loads the data
const source = await base.getTable("DB_Checklist").getView("Closing").selectRecordsAsync({fields:["Items"]});

//this preps an array as if we're creating new records in the other table
const toCreate = rec => rec={,fields:{"Items":rec.getCellValue("Items")}}

    await base.getTable("Daily_Closing_Checklist")

Typing this from memory, probably messed up a closing parantheses somewhere, but that’s the gist of the syntax. It all comes down to what exactly do you want to do.

i might be totally missing the mark here. but it looks like you have the items linked to the closing checklist so you should be ably to use a lookup field? also i think airtable is meant to work a little bit different than this. again. i may be TOTALLY elementarizing your request. someone feel free to tell me im dumb but i think thats the answer youre looking for.

I agree, it seems like they want to treat the two tables as spreadsheets.