No input method to select a User? (Scripting)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Am I missing something or Airtable does not have an input method to select a user (aka Collaborator)?

What I want to do: create a script that first asks to select a user.

I know I can create a workaround (below) but that is not my question... is there really no Collaborator input?
(we are also missing a Date input since at least 3 years apparently - only solution is to parse text... for real?)

Automatable workaround, for those interested:

  • create a table, call it "Users" or something
  • set two fields, Name (type: Formula) and Collaborator (type: User)
  • set the formula in Name to just display the Collaborator
  • then create one record per actual user of your base
  • (optional) create an automation running at fixed time intervals that will look for all users (base.activeCollaborators) and add/remove records accordingly

Now in your scripts you can create a form asking for a user using the input.recordAsync method.

I am baffled to seem to have to build this myself.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

On big Airtable-based systems I have built for clients, this is not an issue because we end up having a User table anyway, with a lot of business logic attached to it (permissions, employee info, etc), and we sync it to other bases where we need to assign things to people.

In other words we tend to use "our users" (which are table records) instead of "airtable users" (which are collaborators) to assign records to people.

But I am surprised by how little is the scripting API developed.