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Re: Progress update on all things Meta API, OAuth2, etc

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

we recently saw an increase of interest from our customers using regarding a potential integration with Airtable. Naturally, there has been quite some excitement from customers and ourselves when we decided to kick off the design and technical spike work last week. Given the nature of the product, we were somehow assuming that Airtable would have a great developer experience, including OAuth2, as well as all the necessary REST API endpoints one could wish for to build an amazing integration. Learning that OAuth2 was not a thing yet was a bit of a bummer, but something we felt we could still workaround for the time being. And even though it felt a bit weird to have to manually request access for only the Meta API, it was pretty much the next step we took from there… which, well… brought us to the “thanks, but nah” message many others got here as well… right after applying for it. Oof.

Going through previous community posts, it seems like there has been no meaningful updates/communication around this topic from Airtable here for years. Why not seize the opportunity and let interested customers and devs know where things are at openly? You know, set expectations, offer an EAP, etc. Why make this all a big secret?

Hopefully somehow from Airtable is seeing this and can shed some light on the situation.

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Openness is not in the Airtable DNA unfortunately. You are better off with baserow to be your backend.

Having OAuth2 and access to the Metadata API by default will be an amazing step in which new integrations will appear and will add tons of value to Airtable users, hopefully soon :crossed_fingers: