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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m developing an App for android and I want to consult the information on my base but the app will be used for many users (about 1000) so my question is if the rate limit is by IP or how it works? can I use airTable for this porpuse ?


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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey Alu,

The request limit for the Airtable API is 5 requests per second per base (regardless of IP etc). If you cross that threshold, you’ll get a 429 response and need to wait 30 seconds before making your next call.

If that limit works for you, I think this is a great use case for Airtable!

As an alternative to querying the API / dealing with rate limits, quick plug: I built Sync Inc ( for exactly this purpose. We setup a follower Postgres database for your Airtable that syncs in real-time. You could just connect the back-end of your Android app to that. Any ?s, let me know


“Follower” database, such a good term - beats “cache-forward”. More like a drone in follower mode.