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Revision history not showing all updates (API related?)

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Hi guys,

I noticed that single update statements (PATCH) for multiple fields do not (always?) show up in the revision history.

In this case the date field was updated at the same time as a checkbox, but only the date transition shows up in the history…


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Could you email with more details about this? E.g. approximate time the API request was made and whether the checkbox was getting turned off or on?

I wasn’t able to immediately reproduce.


Looking back in the revision log now it looks like an entry appeared.

Or maybe it was just late and I didn’t notice it back then. :thinking:

Anyway, sorry for bothering & forget about it for now. I’ll keep an eye on it…

Got one.

Mail underway…

For future reference:

‘…it turns out that this is actually expected behavior; Airtable aggregates changes that take place in close succession into a single entry in the activity feed. This is something we may revisit in the future, so we’re appreciative of your input here that you’d like to see more granularity.’