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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello everyone!

I am looking for help in regards to either;

  • A script that triggers a button, or
  • A script that can trigger the equivalent of “Open in Page Designer” action in the button dialogue.

Also, is there a way to disable the sidebar popup that appears after a script is used?

Any help or leads appreciated, thanks all!

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Hi @Ted_Charles_Brown,
I am unsure what you intend to accomplish by triggering a button. A button is a trigger and has an actions.

A button can open most Extensions, it is one of the action options at the bottom. The other actions can be performed by your script and would not need the button to trigger them.

I am not sure of a way to hide the Extensions side bar after a button interacts with it. The page URL needs this at the end to close it: ?blocks=hide


Well, right now I have two buttons. One to update a field, and another to open page designer.

I would like to be able to combine these into just one button.

Basically, simplifying my question to:

Is it possible to write a script that “Opens in Page Designer”, and how would you do that?

I am not sure that is possible, Page Designer is a special extension made by Airtable. You would need to redirect the user to the URL with page designer open, I do not think you can do that in scripting.

Understood, so then, back to my original question… is it possible to trigger a button that has that ability built in?