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4 - Data Explorer

I have a script, that produces a CSV of a table. How can I write this CSV to a file in the file system? I need a functionality to do this in a script because this script will be triggered by a Webhook. And the built in UI CVS export cannot be called in scripts. Has somebody an expample of writing files out of a script?

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Let’s think this through -

  • You have a webhook that will be called from time-to-time to an Airtable server.
  • That server will receive the webhook event and need to generate a CSV file and write it to “the” file system.

Whose file system exactly?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hmm good question. Basically it’s the customers file system which uses my App. I thought of a field in the customer table where the customer can set its location to store files that are created by the App.

When the webhook fires and the CSV is generated, is there a certainty that the customer will be logged into Airtable? Further - and more challenging - how will the server know which client the data is destined for? I think you may have a few disconnects in the process, or more likely I’m misinterpreting your process vision. Above you indicated -

Tell us more about what it is that triggers the webhook and the nature of the webhook itself.