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4 - Data Explorer

How can Sort list of Records by the order they were created in both. Would like to know how I can do them both ascending and descending
I also don't have any created time field I can't create that since I'm using the API And as far as I know it does not support creating formulas with the API So is there any other way to do this without using fields

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Hmm my only thoughts to do this would be through a Formula or an Automation.

Airtable already has the data you're looking for built into each record. A formula is just pulling that data out. An Automation would create new data on top of your records that you could then use to stipulate created time.

I'd recommend a formula like the "Created Time" field as a solution. You could even use the "Autonumber" field and sort that. However, it seem that isn't a viable option for you.

Automations would be able to do what you're looking for but would take many automation runs. For the automation, you could either copy the time from a created time field, into a regular date field. Or use a script to collect the current time and paste that step into a regular date field.

Here's a script to find the current time:

var dt = new Date();
output.set('nowTimestamp', dt.toISOString());

This will have to run every time a record is created. If you're dealing with a lot of records, you'll ruin out of automation runs pretty quickly.