Unable to fetch record using filterByFormula

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, I have written a function that fetches the table value based on the table name and primary field

number = Uf79266972d007f2a3886bf73676860

async function sendContent(number, studentTable, contact) {
const records_Student = await base(`${studentTable}`).select({
        filterByFormula: `${contact} = '${number}'`,
        view: "Grid view",
        maxRecords: 1

    var td = await totalDays(number, studentTable, contact)

    records_Student.forEach(async function (record) {
        studentName = record.get("Name")
        console.log("Name = ", name)

sendContent(number, "Students", "UserID")

It gives the following error

AirtableError {
  message: 'The formula for filtering records is invalid: Unknown field names: uf79266972d007f2a3886bf73676860',
  statusCode: 422


If I pass number as 50373. and call
sendContent(number, "Students-2", "ChatID")


It retrieves the name successfully.

Any idea what is causing this issue? the function works for one table but not for the other table where the primary field is a Single text

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Here’s your problem. There are both letters and numbers in that ID, so it must be created as a string. You’re also missing either let or const in front of the variable definition. I recommend this instead:

const number = "Uf79266972d007f2a3886bf73676860"

Your other example works because it’s a true number and the value for which you’re searching is also a number (even though you’re wrapping it as a string in your filterByFormula formula, Airtable apparently considers them to be equivalent).

Hi, Thak you for your reply, I tried your solution also checked the type. It is string but still I am facing the same issue

Are you getting the same error message, or is it different? The more details that you can share about what is/isn’t happening, the easier it will be for us to help.