Re: .update() isn't updating the original database

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone, I’ve used the .update() function so that it updates the table in my Jupyter Notebook. But, when I look in the actual database on Airtable, I don’t see the updated value.

from airtable import airtable
airtable = airtable.Airtable(’(hidden for privacy)"’, “(hidden for privacy)”)
at = airtable.get(‘Table Name’)
at[“records”][3].update({“Week 1 HW Score” : 10})

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Welcome to the community @Amal_Bhatnagar!

I suspect no one here has jumped on your request for two reasons:

  1. Running Airtable API script in Jupyter is not common.
  2. The content you’ve shared is not enough to know what the issue is.

Lacking more data (like the actual code formatted in a way it can be easily understood) or access to the Jupyter Notebook itself, someone has to ask you a lot of questions and that’s not productive.

Give us more details and we’ll figure it out.