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I am new to AirTable. I'm using is as the backend for my Flutter App. I see in my docs, that to upload an image or a file to the airtable, using an API, i need to provide a link to the image or file.

This is what my docs say:

To create new attachments in Picture and Resume, set the field value to an array of attachment objects. When creating an attachment, url is required, and filename is optional. Airtable will download the file at the given url and keep its own copy of it. All other attachment object properties will be generated server-side soon afterward.

Now, my question is, is there anyway to upload an image or file directly to the airtable? Meaning, if I understand correctly, to upload an image to the table, I first have to upload it to my own server, then get a link for that image, then send the link into the table. Is there a way to avoid this, and just upload to the airtable, and get the download link from there?

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