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Validating end-user input values

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I’m new to Airtable, and have been browsing the help center and playing around with the features. One thing I didn’t see mentioned anywhere was input validation. For instance, for a numeric field requiring the value to be less than, greater than, or between values-- as an age field which must be 21 or greater. Or a date field which must not be a future date. Or a currency field limited to 10000. An so on.
How would these be done in Airtable ?

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Welcome to the community, @Shmuel_Preiszler! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: In-field validation isn’t currently available in Airtable. The only way to pseudo-validate inside of Airtable itself is to provide feedback in another field using a formula. However, this won’t work with forms because formula fields can’t appear in forms, and Airtable forms also don’t provide native validation options. Another option is to use a third-party form tool like JotForm, which can validate input before the data is sent to Airtable.