What is the default DB Connection Timeout

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have an production website using softr and I have a database with about 3000 records.

I notice that when I initially go onto a page with the softr site, the load time of the data take 4-5 seconds.  

However when I come back to that page in say 10-20 minutes and refresh the speed is very quick. If I come back to that same page say 1-2 hours later, again the initial load time is very slow. There is no caching enabled  by softr  and I disabled all browser caching, so I am thinking the slow initial loads their must be a from a db connection timeout and the slowness is by the system needing to create a new connection with the DB and running the query.

So I was wondering what is that db connection time out?

Knowing that will allow me with a Curl script to load a page every "X" minutes, so the end users don't experience any slowness.



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Sorry, I'm not sure about the answer to your question. However, are you certain that it's not a Softr issue? I'm asking because I'm using Noloco with a few of my clients — which is one of Softr's primary competitors — and my clients are not experiencing this issue. I'm not knocking Softr — I know that Softr is great too!