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4 - Data Explorer


Would really appreciate some help creating a formula. I am trying to run (modernize) a non profit social society’s events calendar / booking system using airtable.

I have 3 tables in the same base.

Table 1 (Master) - This has a sign up form linked to it for people (both members and guests)
to can sign up for the events (single or multiple). The selection of events is linked to the (Events) table. The sign up form has a check box for users to select if they are Members.

Table 2. (Events) - this is the calendar table with date and event name. (separate columns)

Table 3. (Members) - List of members with their names and membership numbers (and other membership data) (all in separate columns)

If a member signs up for specific event, I need a formula to look into the (Members) table and compare their names and return their membership number into the master table.

Appreciate any help people can offer?


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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi there!

Is the [Members] table already linked to the [Masters] table? If so, you can use a lookup field to pull the {Membership Number} into the [Masters] table.

However, if you’re using just a single line text field to record the names, you will need some creative linking/formulas to do this… I am happy to give some suggestions here, but in some cases, it might not work. Say you have a member named Joseph Smith, but he fills out the form as Joe Smith. This could cause issues when trying to find his membership number.

My hunch is that you should maybe rework your form so that Members who fill it out select their name from a list (linked record field - linked to [Members]) and guests can write in their name on a separate line. This could replace your checkbox for members, and it also would ensure you always find a match for the member.

Hope this helps - happy to dive in further!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Like @AlliAlosa said, you will need to do a lookup. I am guessing you are asking if you can just auto populate the member number by using some formula like Excel. I don’t believe this is possible in Airtable without using lookup—but you can simply do this by using something like Zapier.

Also, I would probably use an email as your unique id to search oppose to member’s name.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

@WAGS_Contact I made a video for you using Zapier here: