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I’m using a Rollup column with the formula ARRAYUNIQUE(value) pulling records from a Categories table.

I want to be able to add an extra value to this rollup manually.

How can I add another value to this array?

For example, the ARRAYUNIQUE(value) is returning:
value1, value2, value3

I want to change the formula so it returns::
value1, value2, value3, custom_value

I’ve already tried the following without success:

ARRAYUNIQUE(value) & "custom_value"

ARRAYUNIQUE(value & "custom_value")

Both options return => value1value2value3custom_value
(it removes the comma separator)

Any insights?

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Hi @Gustavo_VD,

You have to add the comma in the first formula. So it should become ARRAYUNIQUE(value)&", "&“custom_value”


Hi @Mohamed_Swellamm I’ve tried your solution:

It returns: value1value2value3, custom_value

It seems like when I try adding a value to the formula Airatble is removing the separators from the original array.

But thank you anyway for your help!

What is the field type of the field that you are rolling up? Rolling up fields that can store multiple values (such as linked records, lookup, and multiple select fields) can be tricky.

Can you include screen shots?