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Adding duration with formula

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Hello, I am having to add hours ("duration") to a field and outputting to a new field where a formula would be developed, however, I am not sure how to format the formula for the duration; here is my formula:

FIND("Algebra I", {Requires Additional Hours?}), {30:00},
SUM({Total Hours Required}{30:00})
"{30:00}" in both instances comes out red, meaning it is wrong, however, what I need to do is add 30 hours to the "{Total Hours Required}" field. Basically, if Algebra 1 is found in this drop-down menu "{Requires Additional Hours?}", it takes the value within "Total Hours Required" and is supposed to ad 30 hours and output it to this field. If Algebra 1 is not found, it stays at 30 hours, hinting at the first "{30:00}" in the IF() formula.
Thanks in advance!
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Duration is stored in seconds, so if you want to add 30 hours, add 108,000. Also, make sure your field's formatting is set to Duration.
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Hi, looks like you are putting the hours you want to add in curly brackets which Airtable sees as a field name.  Try removing the brackets and just use the number 30.