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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a few scenarios that would be so much easier if there was a way to have some more advanced options in the pivot table, is there other ways to customize this app or alternative pivot apps that might solve my needs?

#1 - im trying to see the unique record names as a cell value instead of a calculation (ie sum, count etc). Google sheet allows me to enter a custom formula which means I can have a pivot table that maps the entire year of product releases by month per category, and the formula allows me to list each month as the unique item short-names. this way instead of seeing a count of 5 for example, I see a list of 5 item names. I know I can click on the pivot table cell and show record, but the ability to compare months and consider patterns or timings of things is easier with short-name visibility. Timeline view would have been nice but I have been unable to format it for viewing the name because it ends up truncating the text due to the way the view is when you zoom out a little.

#2 - Is there any way to add additional grouping or row grouping? For example have rows grouped by category and by sales channel. Right now I can only choose one or the other. Again if timeline can fix point 1 above then I can use coloring to solve the secondary grouping/identifications…

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