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4 - Data Explorer

HI Community

I’m relatively new to Airtable. I’m working to develop a prototype for a client.

I need some advice.

The project is creating a system to automatically adjust the time requirements for staffing based on forecast occupancy of a hotel.

Here is the flow for data:
Screenshot 2020-03-24 12.09.05

The “Setup Table” is the initial setup for the staff for the hotel: minimum hours, hours req per room occupied, etc.
The “Forecast Table” gives the hotel management to outline the occupancy for the hotel given a 2 week look ahead.
I have 5 different Calc tables, because the hours are calculated differently. Think of these as junction tables.

Right now I’m working to create the “Time Req Table” that aggregates the junction table. Next I’m going to build the Time tracking Actual table and then the Dashboard to compare the actual to forecast metrics.

I’m wondering if there is a better way to do the junction tables. Since I plan on creating a form to continue to add to the forecast table, I want to automatically update the linked tables…but I haven’t figured that out yet.

Let’s first see if there is a better way to do the junction table.

Throwing it out to the community for help.

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