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6 - Interface Innovator



I have a table named « Leads » in which is all the information of my prospects (first name, last name, email, phone Numbers).

These prospects, via a Tally sent by email, inform their needs with regard to 9 products (always the same). Some customers take all product references, others only 1, nothing is mandatory.

With my current organization and a Make automation, the columns that have the title of the different product references are also in the leads table, which is not very optimized.

So I created a new "products" table in which a row corresponds to a 1 product and each column to information containing the latter (name, reference, power).

Here is my question: how can I ensure that when prospects indicate the products they want via the Tally, the information is properly / correctly stored on airtable?

I don’t understand how to establish good relation/look up.

The purpose being in the second step to concatenate the product infos + quantity in order to be able to place it on a Google sheet quote.

Cheers !

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

You make look at using something like Instead, fillout can read from airtable as well as write to it. This might get you closer and even cut out in the process.