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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Dear Airtable community,

I have read all the posts on the Arrayunique function, and I still have not succeeded in presenting Member Names with no duplicates.

Table 1 : Tasks with a multi-select field to describe who is in charge of that task. Tasks are linked to Projects. My Table 1 looks like this :

TaskID | Multi-select Field Members      |  Link to Project  |  Lookupfield from Project : Members |
Task1      Member1, Member2, Member3                 Project 1                   Member1, Member2, Member3, Member2
Task2     Member2                                                 Project1                    Member1, Member2, Member3, Member2

Table 2 : The list of Projects. With the Lookup field I can easily find every Task and every Member linked to one project. My Table 2 looks like this :

Project ID  |   LookupField Tasks    |  LookupField Members                               | Rollup from Tasks/Members*
Project1               Task1, Task2                        Member1, Member2, Member 3, Member2                   Member1, Member2, Member 3,Member2

*The formula for the Rollup in Table 2 :

I have tried 

I have also tried to add a new column in Table2 with a Formula with Arrayunique({Lookup Field Members}) (also wit the imbricated formula). To no success... 
Everytime the cell contains duplicates : Member1, Member2, Member 3, Member2
I am a beginner in Airtable, I am not a coder, and I am not fluent in English so could you please explain (slowly...) to me how to achieve the desired result : Member1, Member2, Member 3 in Table 2 ? 

Many thanks, and a Happy New Year to you all,



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