Autofill drag with alphanumeric?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, can Airtable auto fill with alphanumeric sequence? For example, my sequence goes UF-3101, UF-3102, UF-3103, etc. When I highlight the first two cells and drag it down, it just repeated the UF-3101, UF-3102 over and over instead of adding +1.

Anyway airtable can do this?


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Welcome to the community, Benjamin! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: It works for numeric fields, but not for single line text fields. If this sequence is going to continue indefinitely, I would suggest using a formula.

First make an autonumber field, which will give you an automatic numeric sequence beginning at 1. Then add a formula field with this formula (replace “Autonumber” with the name you gave your autonumber field):

"UF-" & (3100 + Autonumber)

No need to drag anything, as Airtable will continue incrementing the number each time you make a new record.


@Justin_Barrett , I don't see that number fields autonumber - they just copy the value when drag-copying the cells just the same as any other field type. Unless there is some other method you were describing?

@Cody_Winchester The Autonumber field type is what you're looking for. When setting the field type for a field, it's toward the bottom of the list. Or just start typing "autonumber" and the options will filter down to make it easier to find.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks for clarifying @Justin_Barrett ! I appreciate it.

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