Automatic addition of data as soon as a new line is created + incrementing a number

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4 - Data Explorer

I automatically create invoices based on the data in my database.
Ideally, each line comes with an invoice number that I have to add manually based on the previous line. Is there a function that allows you to increment this data and add it automatically at the creation of each new line? I would like to reduce the number of manipulations and the risk of possible errors.

Line 1: Invoice number: 207.
Line 2 : Invoice number: 208
and so on and so forth.

Also, some data is recurrent, such as the Logo. And I wanted to know if instead of manually copying and pasting each time, there was a function to add it each time?

Thanks !

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Welcome to the community, @Noemie_Lambertini! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: The invoice number can be automated with the help of an autonumber field. After adding this field, your invoice number field will change to a formula that adds some base number to the number created by the autonumber field:

Autonumber + 200

You might test this in a secondary field before changing your existing invoice number field to use this formula. That way you can get find the proper base number that will keep the sequence in sync with your existing invoices.

I’m not sure that I understand. Are these two separate questions, or are you asking about cutting and pasting the logo? Could you provide some more details to clarify what you want to do?