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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all.


I was wondering if there is a possibility to use a formula to have the quarterly date shown automatically. I want to link it with automations, to send reminders each quarter in the year.

Specifically I need this function, to be reminded to collect invoices each quarter. In my case the quarters are as followed:

Q1 Jan - Mar
Q2 Apr - Jun
Q3 Jul - Sep
Q4 Oct - Dec

So the formula field should automatically show ex. March 31, 2024. With the automation that I would then add it gets triggered once this date is reached. As a result then, once March 31 was reached, the field should update to the next quarter June 30, 2024 and so on. Which should make it easier to track and remind myself/the team to collect the quarterly invoices. Hope this makes sense.

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