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Resolved! IF Statement blues....

I've read through several help topics and I am still having issues, hoping someone can help me. I have a field that is counting the days between the due date and todays date. I need to use these numbers to create a formula to provide an aging report....

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Conditional Lookup based on Checkbox field

Hi friends! I am hoping this is easy, but I'm noob enough to not even know how to search up an answer in support/forums.My specific use is retreat registration. I have one table for Retreat Participants and a second for the possible Retreat Rooms.The...

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IF formula that pulls only part of the text from a field

Hello! I need to create a formula that pulls records from fields that correspond to answers of multiple-choice questions, like "What language do you speak"? Our multiple-choice questions also have an "Other" field. "Other" fields hold records which a...

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If Formula for naming Client

Good day all. I am trying to create a formula to name my Clients based on the following: If {company} is not blank, use {company} and if {company} is blank use {last name}, {first name} - and if there is a spouse name use {last name}, {first name} & ...

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Formula If client is married, primary field will show spouses name.

I have the primary field set as a formula right now as CONCATENATE({Client Last Name},', ', {Client First Name}). I want the formula to include the spouses name after the client's name if the marital status (separate field) is married. What would be ...

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Count Items Based on Color-Code Option in Multi-Select

Hello!I have a list of names under a multi-select. Everyone in Blue is a FT staff member, everyone in yellow is a contracted worker. I want a count field (or formula field) that will automatically count all the Blue multiple select to give me the tot...

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Need help regarding advanced formula usage

Hello there,I am trying to create a formula that calculates the total cost of items based on their quantity and unit price; while also factoring in a discount percentage if applicable. I have tried using nested IF statements; but I am running into so...

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Insert a space before a capital letter

Hi I have a file name / string of texte.g. 'ThisIsTheFileName'I would like to insert a space before each capital letter. Is there a formula to do this?Thanks 

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Auto-allocate 100% across multiple projects

Hey all! I am trying to set up a form that is being sent out to about 200 people for the purpose of tracking time allocation for employees. To do so, the employees will fill out a form at the end of the week, selecting the projects they worked on thr...

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Resolved! How can i get info from a Linked Record through a Formula

I have 4 Tables (Payments, Receivables, CostCenters, Extract)The Payments and Receivables records are linked to CostCenters records.The Extract records are linked to Payments ou Receivables records ("If it's a receipt, it will be associated with an a...

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