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Merging date fields

Hi everyone!I have two lookup fields, each one of them with a list of dates, and I need to merge them in the same field, keeping the date format. I've been testing with some formulas like concatenate, arrayjoin, dateformat... but I haven't been able ...

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Resolved! How to combine fields based on the value of another field ?

Hello, I am looking for a way to combine five fields (address, second address line, zip code and city) to a new multiline text field when another field "second zip code" has a value. So here is an example of the five fields: Address: 220 Miller Avenu...

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Resolved! concatenate formula issue

Hi everybody I am new to airtable and trying to put a class scheduling together. I have mostly been using the template and learning through trial and error. Now I have produced a weird error that does not seem to impact the functionality but is very ...

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Resolved! Checkbox Count as Progress Bar

Hey! I have 3 checkbox fields that indicate the completion of a task. I want to show completion of the tasks using the newly released progress bar on the Percent tab, but without having to manually type in the thirds (1/3, 2/3, 3/3). If I use a formu...

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Resolved! IF Formula assistance

Question on the following formula.  I have tried just about anything and everything to get this formula field to only calculate the score based on after the date.  The formula works perfectly fine without using any date fields. Form type (single choi...

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Link to another record across multiple tables

Hello community! We use airtable as an ATS (applicant tracking system) and now would like to extend it to project management.I have 2 different tables: candidates and jobs. I now want to create a new task table (classical kanban project management) w...

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Primary Field as a joint array

is there a way of adding a joint array, concatenate to my primary field (containing Email and Full Name), but still be able to link to that table using email only. in other words, my contacts have different emails, and currently primary field is thei...

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Resolved! How to Format Dates in a Rollup field with multiple dates

Hi everyone,I've been searching airtable forums for hours yet I can't find a solution that clearly explains what I need to do to achieve my desired results. There are different answers talking about using MIN() or something other formula, but I can't...

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Markdown code showing in email body for some recipients

Hi all,I'm sending out emails via Airtable and some (but not all) recipients are noticing a very weird problem. The URL code shows the markdown text instead of the URL link, ie., it shows [TEXT](url) instead of TEXT.I thought it might just be a probl...

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Resolved! Extract info from a Long Text field

Hi, I have a long text field with the info bellow and would like to extract the infos in bold to different field but cant find a formula to help me with. Thanks in advance for any help guys.This is the text I have in the long text field (its in portu...

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Turning <p> and </p> into line breaks in a field

Hello, all. I am importing a CSV file into Airtable. Some of the CSV data ends up as Long Text fields in Airtable, and consists of blocks of text with multiple paragraphs. It comes in with <p> and </p> indicating these paragraphs.In Airtable, the <p>...

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Resolved! Extract 0-1000 number from a url after a pattern

From the below URL, I am attempting to extract the number that comes after the pattern "page%5Bnumber%5D=" this case, the...

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Open URL to Anydesk doesnt work

Hi everyone, I have a base that keeps Anydesk ID's of our staff, and I want to open Anydesk automatically from Airtable, using the saved Anydesk ID. There is a URL Handler from Anydesk, the problem is, that the link doesnt open in Airtable.Thats the ...

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Resolved! Formula that shows "Yes" if date is in the previous year

Hello everyone, I have currently the following formula in my table that shows "Yes" if the date in "Fin contrat" is in a future month. I am trying, but with no success, to adapt this formula to show "Yes" in another column if the same date is in the ...

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Resolved! Add a Formula Field to See the Newest Item Added to a Rollup Field

My table has a Rollup field (let's call it 'Titles Field').I used the ARRAYJOIN(values, ', '), so the titles are separated by commas.However, I want to add a Formula Field that show only the Newest/Latest title added to the rollup field.Please advise...

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