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Nested IF with MAX formula, comparing dates

Hello!Pulled up a list of three dates from a linked table.  In this table, there is a separate date on each record.  Looking for a way to find the latest of the three dates, that is not later than the separate date in the record.  I can find the last...

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Skipping empty fields in a naming formula

I work in a digital archive and I'm using Concatenate to create a unique naming formula based on certain fields in a spreadsheet. However, some items have different naming requirements. What I would like to do is be able to tell this formula to skip ...

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Why does my DATE_FORMAT give an error?

I'm having a rollup field which is giving me the latest logged date from another linked table. The rollupfield is used in formular fields where it needs to show the date inserted into some text, but no matter what I do it gives me an error when I use...

Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 08.59.18.png
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Resolved! Pull in values from another table based on date field

Hello amazing people! I am working on my film workspaces and trying to build a table to use for a Page Designer for a Call Sheet. I have several tabs I need to pull details from, all based on the Date Field. This Scenes tab is one of the places to pu...

Table 4.jpg Table 3.jpg
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Formula to know if parent has a child

I have a field called "Child_of" that links the child with the parent, both located on the same table.Since Airtable does not offer backlinking to the same table, I need a formula to know if the parent has a child. I do not need the backlink to be ad...

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Need help with formula

Hi everyone,I have a scenario one Make, sending infos from piwaa (linkedin connected inbox) to my airtableFor the module Airtable search records, I have a formula to help finding the record concernedI want it to find the right record to update thanks...

Capture d’écran 2023-03-30 à 14.40.39.png Capture d’écran 2023-03-30 à 14.46.48.png
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Open link in a button in the same tab

Currently, when I click a link in an Airtable 'button', it opens that link in a new tab. I do not want to open the link in a new tab.I want to open the link in the same tab (which will navigate away from Airtable).Any idea on how to accomplish this?

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Resolved! Leave field blank if conditions aren't met

Can someone help me modifying this formula so that if the condition 'Trækdato (FarPay)' field is empty, the formula field is left blank? Right now it returns an #ERROR!  IF(AND(DATETIME_FORMAT({Trækdato (FarPay)}, "D")<10, DATETIME_FORMAT({Trækdato (...

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Formula IF or Switch with multiple values

Hello,I have a table with fields like this : The "First char" field is a formula that return the first character UPPER of the "First name" field.  Then, the field "check" is used to filter a view from A to E. So i need a formula that show "OK" if the...

Screenshot 2023-03-30 11.58.28.png Screenshot 2023-03-30 12.07.04.png
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Resolved! Formula to alert if more than 365 days from date

I have tried multiple way, know I am missing something, but can't work out what. I have one column for Date and the next column is yes. Meaning that consent has been given and on the date in the column. I now need a formula field that will return the...

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Resolved! Updating A Dropdown Based On Multiple Factors

Doing some work for an ATM Placement Company.When a client signs on, we have a set # of ATMs that we promise to place for them after they set up their bank account.Currently we are looking for a way to update a dropdown status based on a few factors ...

Admin_Departme1_0-1680045834453.png Admin_Departme1_1-1680045886068.png Admin_Departme1_2-1680045922330.png
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Resolved! Add leading zeros to only certain values

I have a column named MIN and need to add leading zeros when the value in column is less than 4 numbers:BeforeAfter Formula220022456045610000100008888888888999999999999999999This is what I have right now but is giving me an error for the largest numb...

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IF function with multiple DATE FIELDS

Hi there,I got trouble with using IF functions across Date field, currently I want my result is:IF({Date field 1} is filled, then "Completed"), IF({Date field 2} is filled, then "Extended"), IF ({Date filed 3} is filled, then "Waiting")How do I make ...

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Resolved! Return Multiple Unit Specifiers for DATETIME_DIFF

Sorry if this is a basic question— I am just starting out learning how to use formulas with little/no prior excel experience.I have a formula that calculates the difference between today's date and the date a video was released. I have it returning t...

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Resolved! Combine Names with the same and Different Last Names

Hi, everyone! I need help in combining names from two Rollup fields with the result below:First Name                        Last name                        Formula Field (Result I want)Mary                                  A.                        ...

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