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Calculating a deadline based on a varying # of days from another date

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Hi there!

I’m setting up an editing task list for a wedding photo + video business. I have a lookup field set up for the wedding date, and would like to have one field that returns the deadline for each deliverable (various films, galleries, etc.), based on differing #s of days from the wedding date. E.g. preview photo gallery due in 21 days, versus a film due in 60 days, etc.

If I use the formula shown below, it seems like I have to have separate fields for each of my different delivery timings (+21 days for some, +60 days for others, etc.), which really muddies up my table. This also doesn’t work well in cases where my deadline needs to deviate from the rule (for example, a scenario where we need to deliver in 14 days rather than our usual 21 days)

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 1.50.38 PM

I’d like to be able to enter the number of days post-wedding that the item is to be delivered into one field (e.g. 21, 60, 90, etc.), then use a formula in another field to spit out the deadline based on that specific number of days after the wedding date.

I found this harder to explain than I anticipated, so let me know if I can better clarify! Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!


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Your formula would be:
DATEADD({name of date field}, {name of day count field}, 'days')

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Your formula would be:
DATEADD({name of date field}, {name of day count field}, 'days')

Amazing, thank you! I’ll try this now!