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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi! How do I format total cost with if the checkbox is checked it multiplies the cost by 50% and if the checkbox is unchecked, it keeps the full total amount?

Example: cost= $100, if I check the checkbox it totals the cost to 100*.50= $50; if the box is unchecked it totals the cost to $100

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The following will multiply the cost by .5 if the checkbox is checked and 1 (no change) if the checkbox is unchecked.

{Cost} * IF({Checkbox}, .5, 1)

Thank you so much! Is there a way to add if another check fox is checked it subtracts the entire expense calculating to 0. Ex: Checkbox A (like you just explained) but then for the total cost if Checkbox B is checked then it subtracts the full amount and if it is not checked it keeps the full amount? This is used our expense reporting and for our partnership co-op dollars if it is a co-branded, our partner covers half the cost, if it is fully branded by them they cover the whole expense and if its not co-op at all we cover the entire expense

I don’t quite get your wording, so here’s a guess.

“If Checkbox B is filled, subtract the result of the first formula from {Cost}. If Checkbox B is empty, show the cost”.

  {Checkbox B},
  {Cost} - ({Cost} * IF({Checkbox A}, .5, 1)),

Sorry, I will send a screenshot to help explain
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 12.43.28 PM

the total cost needs to be 0 if full co-op is checked and the total cost needs to be multiplied by 50% if it is checked. If neither are checked it needs to stay the full amount. I tried to use the second formula you send and it is giving me an error.

The formula was missing a comma, it has been corrected. But in any event, sounds like the formula you want is closer to:

  {Full Co-Op},
  {Cost} * IF({Half Co-Op}, .5, 1)

This worked. Thank you so much:)