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4 - Data Explorer


I’m using Airtable to manage a conference. I have a table which has conference proposals with the authors’ contact info. Then I have another table with people that have subscribed to the conference.

I’m trying to send emails to those that sent proposals in but haven’t subscribed. So I’m trying to accomplish that by comparing the emails from the Subscribed table with the ones in the Proposals table.

These are the steps I followed so far:

  • I linked the 2 tables and added a lookup field to the Proposals table to look for the emails of the Registered participants.
  • In the Proposals table, the contact info is spreaded out in different columns, so I used CONCATENATE() to join all the emails with a separator.
  • I realize that the lookup field returns an array while the CONCATENATE() function returns a string.
  • Here is the tricky part. I’ve been trying to compare both groups of emails and it hasn’t worked. I need something that loops over the whole array/string and checks for matches and returns the ones that don’t match.

I’d appreaciate any help!


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