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Convert answers in form to numbers without nested IF statements

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I have an Airtable form that has a number of yes/no questions on it. I want to convert the Yes’s to 1s and no to 0s.

Is there an easy way to declare Yes=1 without having to write as many IF statements as I have questions?

Appreciate your help.

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At the form level (before the form is submitted), this is only possible with JotForm:

Otherwise, you could also accomplish this after the form is submitted in Airtable by:

  1. Creating formula fields.
  2. Writing a custom Javascript.
  3. Using an automation tool like Integromat.

@ScottWorld Thanks for your help. I was able to write 12 nested IF statements to do this but that is clunky. I assume I could write a script in the future that does this.