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4 - Data Explorer

Hey there! 🙂

I have a "Customers" table and a "Projects" table and what I'm trying to achieve is to link them. I wan't to know which customer were in each one of my projects, so a costumer may be in more than one project aswell a project will have more than one costumer.


To do so, I created a linked record column and what I'm trying to do is to copy the costumer's name (it'll be roughly 100-200 rows) and past them in just one cell in table Projects (to link those 200 customers to that specific Project in the row). Is it possible? There's any better way to do it?

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Hi @matheusvento,

To make the data input process easier you can look at it from the opposite way:

  1. Utilise the 'link to another record' field type. From the 'Customers' table, select the 'Projects' table.

    In the 'Link Customers' cell within the 'Projects' table, you'll notice a '+' symbol for each project. What I believe you are currently doing is clicking on this symbol and trying to link customers one by one, selecting each one individually.

  2. However, you can do it the other way around. For example, if you already possess an Excel sheet containing the names of each project and for each its corresponding customers as two separate columns, you have the option to streamline the process by copying and pasting the Excel data directly in the Customers table into those two columns. This way, you can directly link all clients with their respective projects and ultimately end up with each project contains on the linked field a list of all its customers

I hope this is helpful!


11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @matheusvento ,

An extension has been released that does exactly that.
Give it a try.
I have yet to try 100 lines!

Marketplace - Airtable
A new extension "Link Record Helper" is now availa... - Airtable Community