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Count number of records based on the date

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Hey there,

I have a table where all the leads are automatically copied to fields. I’d like to count how many leads/calls/sales I have made based on the date.

Can anyone help me with that?

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Hi @avto_kolashvili,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

To count records, you can use the Rollup function, CountA(value)


I’ll try to explain more specifically.

On Table 1 I have list of leads with:

  1. Status field (single select) where there are several options: Done, In Transit, Submitted…
  2. Quantity field - It shows how many items was requested in lead
  3. Date created field - it shows date when the record was created.

My goal is to create a new table, where I can count leads based on the status (Done or blank) and date. for instance

Date - 12 April
Leads - (show number of records for 12 April with any status)
Sales - (show number of records for 12 April with Done status)

Since you want to do it by date, then you need to use the chart block.