Create a progress bar that is link to a subtask field who use checkbox

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4 - Data Explorer

I hope you're all well. I have a question to ask you, I would like to create a progress bar that summarises all my subtask using checkboxes. Basically, each time I check all the checkboxes in my subtask, the progress bar shows me 100%.

Is this possible? Can anyone help me?


I'm looking for something like this : 

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I think, something like 


 is checked  and the same with a space instead of is unchecked
and then checked / (checked+unchecked)
be careful with brackets, enclose numerator as well, otherwise A+B / (C+D) might surprise you with a result.

Possibly, regex might significally shorten the formula, but when I thought about square brackets, I've lost my inspiration to create it, so better ask chatbot ))